Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Rainbow Wedge Sandals

I started writing this post yesterday but I got distracted, and now its another year! Post celebration and hang over at a minimum I am unhappy to report that I left a pair of shoes on the train home, D'oh!!! We had some good times me and my teal ankle boots, RIP! Or I hope some funky hipster took them home! Check out my old post on the boots.

Anyway back to today's footwear. I love these sandals, but I have only worn them once;  my feet were in agony the whole time. The wedge was also very hard making them difficult to walk in. The sandals are slightly different colours because one of them was in the window and caught the sun in the shop which meant I got a further reduction. I coloured in the rainbow colours with felt tip to try and make them look the same.

These are soo cute and I always think they would be great to wear on a sunny day with a pretty dress. They may actually make me look elegant for once, rather than the jumble sale chic that I normally achieve. They were brought from Jones the Bootmaker for around £39.99.


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