Sunday, 30 December 2012

Turquoise Court Shoes

During the festive period I was at home where I was able to rediscover some more shoes, yes more! I am a bit abashed about the amount of pairs that I own but I guess without them I wouldn't have anything to write about.

I was drawn to these shoes because of the colour, I liked that they were quite bright, but I remember I had also seen Kirsten Dunst wear something very similar. She was a major style icon...

The shoes were purchased from Faith in 2004/5/6 in Portsmouth (a lovely town). I have worn them on many nights out. As you can see the fronts of the shoes are really scuffed. I had to get them re-heeled as well with metal studs. I would recommend doing this to all stiletto heels as they wear down really quickly however the only place I know that does the metal heels is in Northampton...The heels on these are quite small so perfect for dancing the night away.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Black Swashbuckler Boots

These swashbuckling boots were a good purchase in 2010, probably one of my better footwear purchases. These are the boots that I keep and will keep getting out every winter because they are soo comfortable and warm. The perfect boots ready for any weather!

These boots are from Dune and I got them in the sale however they were still about £89 maybe more!!! In November 2011 me and my fashion bestie Fashion Somebody took a week's vacation to New York, it was soo cold and I wore these boots constantly. Maybe not very Sex and the City but still...the trip was epic.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Black Patent Strappy Heels

I kind've wish I had painted my nails in this photo, but these shoes still look 'fierce'. I brought them from Dorothy Perkins circa 2009/10, they were around forty quid which I thought was a bargain. The highstreet was flooded with versions of these but these dotty p's ones were kind've fabulous.

These are some sexy sandals, and my inner Rhianna stepped forward and strutted out of the shop with the patent heels. I have worn these shoes quite a few times on nights out, but I guess that look went out of fashion so I stopped wearing them.

I have fallen in love with these shoes all over again and I am going to wear these bad boys soon, but I think I will play them down with my baggy mum jeans!!!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Red Snakeskin Shoes

This style of shoe used to be an Office classic, every season without fail the retailer brought forth these heels in every colour and finish imaginable. The bottom line was probably getting smaller which is why they stopped doing them.

What I love about these shoes are the short heels, the t-bar and the pointed toe combined. The style is perfect for nights out or job interviews and make all outfits look professional. These shoes are very well worn and it is only their unusual nature/silhouette that has kept them in my wardrobe for the last six years; but they do need some serious love and care.

Although very treasured, I remember wearing the heels on one occasion on a night out with my old housemates. While waiting at the bus stop a random guy declared 'You know they say about women who wear red shoes...Red shoes, no knickers'. I was of course wearing knickers, but it is unfortunate that donning red shoes leads to such a bad reputation!!! Wear them with care...

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Black Leather Calf Boots

Guaranteed every year from November to March I search relentlessly for the ultimate pair of knee high boots. My biggest problem is that I am quite short and high boots just make me look short, the second problem is my calfs. I found these boots in River Island and what was nice about them is that they are not too too high.
I got them as a Christmas present in 2009 or 2010 I think, and although I really liked them at the time, I feel like they are a bit to conservative for my general taste. Also my calves seem to have grown making them alot harder to wear. I think I am going to save these for a couple of years and when I am older I will come back to them. They are a classic after all!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Magenta Suede Strappy Heels

The love of the suede heel continues with these ridiculously sexy heels. The kind of heels that make you what to 'whip your head back and forth', or dance around your handbag listening to 'Single Ladies'. Yet another Topshop purchase this one was made in 2009. Not really my usual style but the colour drew me in.

I have probably only worn these heels once or twice, but had one very crazy night out wearing these heels with some of my old housemates. It started with 'Blue lagoons' (a popular cocktail) at a friends house and ended up with one of my friends being sick (10 mins after entering the night club) and hungover for two days and me almost getting into a fight after asking a couple to 'get a room'. Lols as they say!!!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Yellow Suede Peep Toe Heels

What is it about suede heeled shoes that make them irrestible, well to me anyway. They are luxurious and they always look pretty. These shoes were an impulse buy in July of this year from Topshop, I tried the shoes on and literally could not leave the shop without them. They are a very loose take on shoes from Miu Miu's AW2011 collection.

My friend Glitter Fashionista brought the same pair of shoes month's earlier in a peach colour, but they did not have as much appeal. The shoes are much brighter and more yellow than in this photo and were very on trend with the bright colours happening during SS13.

These shoes will always have a fond place in my heart because I wore them for a job interview, and I now have that job. I like to think that these shoes made it happen!!!! Well I felt super confident wearing these gorgeous peep toe heels either way!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Red Tasselled Loafer

I love everything with a tassel, be it stationary, clothing or in this case shoes. I brought these red heeled loafers from New Look in 2004; they are one of the few New Look shoes that I still own. mainly because they normally fall to pieces or because as a rule I don't wear imitation leather shoes. I haven't worn these shoes too many times as they are are quite smart and I was young when I got them with no smart places to go.
They have never been re-heeled but I have had to repaint the heels with nail varnish. Classy, right! The reason I decided to buy these was because they were a very good copy of the Louis Vuitton shoes from their A/W 2004/5 collection. I brought mine for a 20th of the price, bargain!!!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Brown Triple buckle shoes

Love these brown triple buckle shoes, I am pretty sure these are the oldest shoes that I own. They are a take on a really popular pair of Chloe shoes back when Phoebe Philo was at the helm. The leather on these shoes are so soft it is perfect it moulded to my feet. I have worn these shoes non-stop for summers at a time. I always forget about them and then rediscover them at the back of my wardrobe.

My main memory of wearing these shoes is between the second and third year of Uni (2006) running up and down London trying to find shoes for a photo shoot that I was helping with during an internship. It was one of the hottest summers that I remember, but these shoes kept my feet cool. Having owned these shoes for around eight-ten years the most surprising thing about them is that they have never been re-heeled until now. I will make the trip to my little cobblers and get these gems ready for Spring Summer 2013, here's to another eight to ten years!!!

Friday, 21 December 2012

Light Brown Brogue Heels

These brogue heels wear purchased at some point in 2008 when I was working in my first job. I have realised writing this blog that I am on a constant search for small heels; when I got these shoes I wanted some small heels for work.

I have had quite a bit of wear out of these heels but they look far more distressed than they should, I think there is something strange about the leather that makes it crumple and wear away really easily. Back in the day when wide trousers were the height of fashion I used to pair these shoes with them.

These were another Topshop purchase (they owe me big time) around £60.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Black Mary Janes

One of smartest pair of heels that I own, I love these Mary Jane shoes because they are so versatile and cute. They make every outfit girly, and they make your feet and legs look great. I have worn these heels countless times but they have been sitting in my re-heel basket for at least 6 months waiting to be fixed.

I have worn these shoes on nights out, to work interviews and Christmas parties. My best memory of wearing these shoes is when I graduated from my BA in Fashion Marketing over five years ago. I was wearing the shortest dress and wearing the highest heels it was all a bit ridiculous, however my 22 year old self thought it was the perfect outfit. I don't remember when I got these shoes but that my Graduation dates them as at least five years old. I know at the time they were a practical purchase and I payed full whack for them from Topshop yet again.

I have quite a few weddings coming up in the next couple of years, so I am sure these cute shoes will get a dusting off soon!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Brown Court Heels

These brown court heels from Topshop were all the rage five plus years ago, around the time Victoria Beckham first became a fashion icon I think. They are so grown up, and the toes are so square; these shoes look like you mean business.

I have worn these court heels are a grand total of once because they are a bit too big for me, plus they really don't go with my look which is ecletic meets funky. I have also tried to sell these shoes on ebay, and give them to friends but no one will take them.

These shoes are still in my collection because I keep hoping that there will be an occasion to wear them again, so far no luck...

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Grey Leather Heeled sneakers

I am not even sure what to call this trainer/wedge hybrid but a heeled sneaker is what I am going with. These are another sale bargain, probably the best I have ever got...£149 down to £40. Prior to buying these I was obsessed with Ash trainers for years but they have always been quite expensive so I completely lucked out in the Office concession in HOF. I love the fashion/sports trend, sport's luxe if you may!

Again I went for small heel to wear on a daily basis, but I have to say even though the heel is small my feet still ache whenever I wear I them for more than 30minutes...I have worn them quite alot though; no pain, no gain!

All of my friends hate these shoes, but I love them so there...

Monday, 17 December 2012

Black Leather Ankle Boots

My black leather ankle boots were definitely my best Christmas 2011 present. I wanted them in leopard pony hair, but as my mother doesn't live in London, she didn't have a big selection to choose from in Guildford's Topshop. Having worn these shoes to death I am glad now, as black has gone with everything.
Although currently sidelined, waiting to be re-heeled, these boots are the perfect straight from office to cocktail bar chic. The heels are just low enough to get around on during the day, and high enough to be stylish when the sun goes down. Many a cocktail have been sipped wearing these booties.
Every one has done their version of this boot, but I think they were originally by Acne. As you can see from the picture below there is not much difference, a great high street version of!!!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Brown Cowboy Boots

The next seven days will be filled with shoes that are waiting to be repaired, currently housed in a large basket in my room, beloved and in most cases over worn. These brown Cowboy inspired ankle boots where another sale bargain at around £35 from Topshop. I can't believe how often I have been sucked in by a bargain. I was looking for a pair of shoes with a small heel for everyday wear at the time, and these jumped out. To be honest these shoes are at complete odds to the rest of my wardrobe but a great walking companion nevertheless.

I have worn these boots so many times I need to get them re-heeled for the second time. The leather on the boots is nubuck and has a great distressed appearance. There are also studs around the ankle and boot straps.

I brought these shoes about two or three years ago during the big prairie trend, the trend came back this season. Here is stylist Karl Plewka talking about River Island's SS12 Prairie look:







Saturday, 15 December 2012

Black Ballet Pumps

Isn't it strange how some fashion pieces become a staple item. Case in point the ballet pump, other than those who took ballet lessons or were very posh this type of shoe was really discussed or seen on the highstreet. Rewind to 2005/6 (baring in mind I had been in this world for over twenty years at this point) and suddenly they were everywhere, arrays of rainbow colours and different finishes at every price point. Now fast forward to 2012 and ask any female over the age of eight if they own a pair of ballet pumps the answer is going to be yes!!!

Well, I am trying to make a deliberate break from these shoes as I have been heavily dependent on them for the last seven years but they have always ended up soggy or crispy and smelling awful after being caught in the rain or wearing them one too many times with out socks. They rarely look good after the twelth wear! I have probably been through about 30 pairs in this last seven years ranging from £5 to about £30 but the result is always the same.

I have cut my current collection down to two pairs. Which I now use strictly as emergency shoes, the ones that fit discreetly in your bag and are a god send at the end of a long day/night wearing heels. This black pair are barely a year old but they have seen many late night walks home. Most recently at an old friends hen do, where they got completely saturated after I lent them to somebody else at the party. A friend indeed!!!
In case you haven't guessed, I got these from Topshop too...I need to start branching out!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Taupe Leather Boots

Faith at it's best, before the recession came and ruined it all! I haven't worn these boots in soo many years because they don't really fit with my current fashion style which is changeable. At the time I feel in love with the ribbon laces and the victorian inspiration. I used to wear these with knee length city shorts, really not sure what I was thinking. The length of these shoes are also perfect because as a short person they still show enough leg not to make you look smaller or highlight my chunky thighs.

Brought from Faith circa 2005-2007, much loved boots!!!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Teal Leather Pixie Boots

These boots are about four years old, I got them in the sale from Topshop (yet another purchase) and I loved them because of the almond toe shape and the cowboy boot cut at the top. These shoes were £35 in the sale I think, which is a bit of a bargain for real leather ankle boots. I used to wear them all the time on nights out as you can see from all the scraps on the front. However super high heels became fashionable which is why I shelved them, how fickle of me...
I really can't remember any great nights out in these shoes, but I am sure that many cocktails were consumed which is why the memories have faded...I'll need to make new ones.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Black Patent Croc CrXXpers

I fell hard for these shoes; I saw some one trying these on and loved the premium look mixed with the edgy super thick sole. To me these shoes are very high fashion, transcending the mainstream and housed amongst my other footwear it makes everything else look very ordinary. I am not sure how much these shoes cost but they were a lovely bi-product of my current job (acquired in November 2012), which makes them all the more fab-u-lous!!!

I am still working on how to dress in these shoes and even more importantly how to walk in them because their EVA soles don't bend. I am still perfecting the flat foot walk, but hopefully this will be achieved in time for London Fashion Week AW13 so I can strut around Somerset House in them, although the cobbles there, do put me off a bit.

I recently saw this picture of Lady Gaga working a similar shoe, although her's are even more super sized...

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Brown Tasselled Loafers

I have spoken before about my love of brown shoes, so that box was ticked with these loafers. Adding to that I love everything with tassels, more tassels the better in my opinion (tick two). The third tick that made these shoes a must buy was the old man vibe. I live in East London so I guess that makes me covet everything old man-ish, seriously if you where to get off at Old Street station there is a faint odour of second hand/vintage clothing and Grandad jumpers, trousers and shoes a plenty.

Anyway having ticked all of these boxes I brought these shoes in september 2011 from Topshop with some vouchers that I got for my birthday, I can't remember the cost; it was around the £50 mark but they were worth it as I wore them to death for the first 3 months until the heels were worn down. they have sat gathering dust on my shoe shelf for months until I recently got them re-heeled at good old Timpsons. Now I am out and about in them once more when the weather is not disgusting...I don't have any specific memories that stand out while wearing these shoes, but I know I have been caught in the rain alot wearing them.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Navy Jazz Shoes

My navy suede/patent jazz heels where brought at Topshop in Milton Keynes, I remember buying them again, while I was at Uni circa 2006. Having been doing this blog for a couple of weeks now, I realise that I spent alot of my student loan on shoes...

I adore the black and white jazz shoes, and these were the closest that I could get to them. What I love about these crafty shoes are the cut outs on the front and the sides, very sexy. The only thing missing is a bit of toe cleavage.

Last week I got a new iPhone 5, so all of my shoe images are coming via instagram this week from my new extra sharp iphone camera with flash!!! These shoes were captured perfectly, and I have fallen back in love with these shoes, so much so I think I am going to wear them tomorrow... if anyone happens to see a black and white version of these, let me know!!!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Vicarious Sculptural Heels

So unfortunately I have never owned these epic shoes, in fact I would go as far as calling them art sculptures. I did however get to try them on at London Fashion weekend at Somerset House this September. London Fashion Weekend for those of you who don't know is a sort of sample sale with lots of discounted fashion items as well as special beauty treatments, freebies and catwalks.

These shoes are by Finsk, a brand that are renowned for their avant-garde sculpture pieces, they have taken this vision to the next level with their current collection of shoes known as the 'Project'. If I had wanted to buy these 10 inch heels they would have set me back £750, just a bit out of my budget. I absolutely love these shoes though, and do you know they weren't actually that difficult to walk in.

Futhermore I am not the only one who loves these shoes, see below Nicky Minaj rocking a version of these shoes in her 'Freedom' music video (1.50 minutes in).

Saturday, 8 December 2012

My Black Leather Litas

My black leather Litas have been in my possession for almost ten months. They are the most expensive pair of shoes that I own at £125, I debated long and hard before I decided to take the plunge with these supersized heels. Available in soo many colours I ummed and ahhed about which colour to get. My love affair with the shoes began in November 2011 when I visited New York with my friend who was obsessed with the shoes, she made me go in a million shops that sold them before finally get a navy pair (which unfortunately they don't do in the UK).
In the end I went for black as it is a classic and goes with everything. On the day that I brought them I was feeling particularly down about my badly paid Nightclub job that I was trying to do justice, (thankfully that is behind me). So these shoes were a great pick me up!
What I love about these apart from the instant inches that they give me, is the fit and look. When I wear these shoes I feel like a glamazon, however many people are shocked by the JCS and find them extreme. One guy actually classed them as stripper shoes, the cheek! These are my favourite night out heels as they give me a great silhouette and are sturdy enough not to get messed up during a night out. Lita's Forever!!!


Friday, 7 December 2012

Black and Gold Mary Janes

These Miu Miu inspired shoes where purchased from Primark. I loved the mixture of patent leather and gold together. The mary jane style shoes are beautifully cut as well, and are very faltering to the foot. Unfortunately the shoes are not very comfortable, I managed to wear them on one night out a few years ago but by the end I was walking bare foot home. I also lost the bottom off this shoe, which means I need to get them re-heeled, costing almost as much as the shoes which were a £12 bargain.
I have no idea, when I brought these shoes, but they have been tucked at the back of my wardrobe for many years. I have recently brought the best skirt to wear with these heels so I need to them repaired sharp-ish!!!!

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Tan Leather Shoes

My beloved brown shoes, I actually had a similar pair when I was about eight in a darker leather. I have had these shoes for about four years, and as you can see from the photo below they have been very well worn, I have had to re-heel these shoes twice. They are one of the most comfortable shoes that I own and they go with everything.

On a recent trip to a carboot sale the shoes got particularly wet and tore across the front so I may actually have to get rid of them; a sad day. There is something about tan leather shoes that I find difficult to resist; very old school it reminds me of when I was little.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Super High Teal Pumps

My first foray into super high heels were these teal suede high heel pumps from Topshop (I deserve shares in there company because of all the shoes that I have brought). I circled the pumps for many months before I finally took the plunge and brought them in autumn 2008. They seemed like a really bold choice, but now they are completely pedestrian by today's footwear.

I remember wearing these heels to an annual Card Award ceremony, which I attended as part of my job. It was a very random event because everyone was getting excited about cards, like the Oscars. What made the night interesting was that Michael McIntyre was the host, and had everyone in stitches all night; it was the first time I had seen the comedian and I have been a big fan ever since.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Converse in Pink

Not the most Rock and Roll shoes but nevertheless I love my trusty Converse low tops. I can't remember where I brought them from but I have a feeling it was John Lewis on offer! I have had these shoes for over three years and although I don't wear them very often they come in handy on the odd weekend when going on walks.

They are really beaten up after getting caught in a downpour while wearing them. A bit smelly and scuffy these are the perfect shoes for stomping up and down Oxford St in. As Converse's current campaign suggests, "Shoes are boring, wear sneakers".

Monday, 3 December 2012

Black Leather Worker Boots

I brought these worker boots in AW10, when they were the number one footwear of choice! Everyone had a pair, inspired by Allsaints of Spitalfields who have been producing versions of these boots for many years. I got this pair from Dune, and I have pretty much worn them to death every winter. They were originally black but the natural colour leather has started to show through.

My favourite memory of wearing these boots is visiting my friend in Sheffield for the first time. A group of three of us decided to go for a walk in the Peak District with only some printed notes to help us. As you can probably guess we got very lost, it started raining and cows started chasing us (well following us around). We eventually found our way back to car, wetter and dirtier than before. The boots never recovered but I like them all the more for their dishevelled look.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Patent Slingbacks

I really love the idea of these purple and pink patent slingbacks but realistically I have probably only worn these once in the five years that I have owned them. Purchased from Topshop these were one of those sale purchases that I had to have; seduced by the discount.

I can't remember where I wore these shoes but it was in the summer and after every other step they fell off. I guess I don't have the ankles for slingbacks. I am tempted to get rid of them, but you never know when the right event/ dress will come up...

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Leopard Pony Hair High Tops

New purchase*** today I spent some of my hard earned cash on these beauties!!! There is something very wrong about these high tops which make them soo very right. Leopard print, gold hardware and studs, all go to elements for AW12 on one shoe.

I have been looking for the right pair of high tops for a long time, I came soo close to a pair of converse but I am glad I held out. I just need to find the right outfit to wear with these show-stopping hi tops!!! I plan to take these bad boys all around London.