Monday, 3 December 2012

Black Leather Worker Boots

I brought these worker boots in AW10, when they were the number one footwear of choice! Everyone had a pair, inspired by Allsaints of Spitalfields who have been producing versions of these boots for many years. I got this pair from Dune, and I have pretty much worn them to death every winter. They were originally black but the natural colour leather has started to show through.

My favourite memory of wearing these boots is visiting my friend in Sheffield for the first time. A group of three of us decided to go for a walk in the Peak District with only some printed notes to help us. As you can probably guess we got very lost, it started raining and cows started chasing us (well following us around). We eventually found our way back to car, wetter and dirtier than before. The boots never recovered but I like them all the more for their dishevelled look.

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