Sunday, 9 December 2012

Vicarious Sculptural Heels

So unfortunately I have never owned these epic shoes, in fact I would go as far as calling them art sculptures. I did however get to try them on at London Fashion weekend at Somerset House this September. London Fashion Weekend for those of you who don't know is a sort of sample sale with lots of discounted fashion items as well as special beauty treatments, freebies and catwalks.

These shoes are by Finsk, a brand that are renowned for their avant-garde sculpture pieces, they have taken this vision to the next level with their current collection of shoes known as the 'Project'. If I had wanted to buy these 10 inch heels they would have set me back £750, just a bit out of my budget. I absolutely love these shoes though, and do you know they weren't actually that difficult to walk in.

Futhermore I am not the only one who loves these shoes, see below Nicky Minaj rocking a version of these shoes in her 'Freedom' music video (1.50 minutes in).

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