Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Magenta Suede Strappy Heels

The love of the suede heel continues with these ridiculously sexy heels. The kind of heels that make you what to 'whip your head back and forth', or dance around your handbag listening to 'Single Ladies'. Yet another Topshop purchase this one was made in 2009. Not really my usual style but the colour drew me in.

I have probably only worn these heels once or twice, but had one very crazy night out wearing these heels with some of my old housemates. It started with 'Blue lagoons' (a popular cocktail) at a friends house and ended up with one of my friends being sick (10 mins after entering the night club) and hungover for two days and me almost getting into a fight after asking a couple to 'get a room'. Lols as they say!!!

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