Saturday, 22 December 2012

Brown Triple buckle shoes

Love these brown triple buckle shoes, I am pretty sure these are the oldest shoes that I own. They are a take on a really popular pair of Chloe shoes back when Phoebe Philo was at the helm. The leather on these shoes are so soft it is perfect it moulded to my feet. I have worn these shoes non-stop for summers at a time. I always forget about them and then rediscover them at the back of my wardrobe.

My main memory of wearing these shoes is between the second and third year of Uni (2006) running up and down London trying to find shoes for a photo shoot that I was helping with during an internship. It was one of the hottest summers that I remember, but these shoes kept my feet cool. Having owned these shoes for around eight-ten years the most surprising thing about them is that they have never been re-heeled until now. I will make the trip to my little cobblers and get these gems ready for Spring Summer 2013, here's to another eight to ten years!!!

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