Thursday, 20 December 2012

Black Mary Janes

One of smartest pair of heels that I own, I love these Mary Jane shoes because they are so versatile and cute. They make every outfit girly, and they make your feet and legs look great. I have worn these heels countless times but they have been sitting in my re-heel basket for at least 6 months waiting to be fixed.

I have worn these shoes on nights out, to work interviews and Christmas parties. My best memory of wearing these shoes is when I graduated from my BA in Fashion Marketing over five years ago. I was wearing the shortest dress and wearing the highest heels it was all a bit ridiculous, however my 22 year old self thought it was the perfect outfit. I don't remember when I got these shoes but that my Graduation dates them as at least five years old. I know at the time they were a practical purchase and I payed full whack for them from Topshop yet again.

I have quite a few weddings coming up in the next couple of years, so I am sure these cute shoes will get a dusting off soon!

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