Saturday, 15 December 2012

Black Ballet Pumps

Isn't it strange how some fashion pieces become a staple item. Case in point the ballet pump, other than those who took ballet lessons or were very posh this type of shoe was really discussed or seen on the highstreet. Rewind to 2005/6 (baring in mind I had been in this world for over twenty years at this point) and suddenly they were everywhere, arrays of rainbow colours and different finishes at every price point. Now fast forward to 2012 and ask any female over the age of eight if they own a pair of ballet pumps the answer is going to be yes!!!

Well, I am trying to make a deliberate break from these shoes as I have been heavily dependent on them for the last seven years but they have always ended up soggy or crispy and smelling awful after being caught in the rain or wearing them one too many times with out socks. They rarely look good after the twelth wear! I have probably been through about 30 pairs in this last seven years ranging from £5 to about £30 but the result is always the same.

I have cut my current collection down to two pairs. Which I now use strictly as emergency shoes, the ones that fit discreetly in your bag and are a god send at the end of a long day/night wearing heels. This black pair are barely a year old but they have seen many late night walks home. Most recently at an old friends hen do, where they got completely saturated after I lent them to somebody else at the party. A friend indeed!!!
In case you haven't guessed, I got these from Topshop too...I need to start branching out!

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