Saturday, 8 December 2012

My Black Leather Litas

My black leather Litas have been in my possession for almost ten months. They are the most expensive pair of shoes that I own at £125, I debated long and hard before I decided to take the plunge with these supersized heels. Available in soo many colours I ummed and ahhed about which colour to get. My love affair with the shoes began in November 2011 when I visited New York with my friend who was obsessed with the shoes, she made me go in a million shops that sold them before finally get a navy pair (which unfortunately they don't do in the UK).
In the end I went for black as it is a classic and goes with everything. On the day that I brought them I was feeling particularly down about my badly paid Nightclub job that I was trying to do justice, (thankfully that is behind me). So these shoes were a great pick me up!
What I love about these apart from the instant inches that they give me, is the fit and look. When I wear these shoes I feel like a glamazon, however many people are shocked by the JCS and find them extreme. One guy actually classed them as stripper shoes, the cheek! These are my favourite night out heels as they give me a great silhouette and are sturdy enough not to get messed up during a night out. Lita's Forever!!!


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