Saturday, 28 September 2013

Green 60s Platform Sandals

I love that there is a fusion of fashion decades taking place at the moment, from 1940s through to the grungy 90s - culminating from this, I am dying over some satin platform sandals (pictured below). They are perfect for a sizeably challenged 5ft 3" girl like myself. I am currently stalking these Topshop 60s influenced strappy numbers, I may treat myself next month, and will wear these with grey old man socks and a midi length skirt. At £65 the sandals won't break the bank!

Friday, 27 September 2013

The Coltrane Boot

Most Wanted:

So I know everyone has them, but I am officially obsessed with the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane boots. What is not to love, in between the cut out sides, steel buckles and chunky sole, nothing says heavy duty glamour like this footwear, and you know what they are on trend with the grunge look that is everywhere this season. If you have more of a budget, you should check out the Balenciaga originals.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

White Converse

I live in East London and I am now the owner of a pair of white Chuck Taylor high tops - it was only a matter of time. Once you get over the blinding bright whiteness of these shoes, they have quickly become a firm favourite. Both comfortable, functional and kinda stylish my new converse are adding a casual edge to all of my outfits. Here they are teamed with my tartan baggy trews. My Converse sneakers are anything but boring!!!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Leopard and Tartan Creepers

These are Underground x B Store creepers which I got from the sample sale which took place back in May 2013.

Hmmm, so these shoes really shouldn't work, but they totally do. Leopard print and houndstooth check are the perfect clashing materials and work for all seasons as far as I am concerned. I tend to wear these ankle height creepers with my black skinnies, but I am thing some black tights and t-shirt dress will be epic as well.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Black Studded Lace Ups

When I saw these lace up shoes, I was like BOOM!!! I don't know if they were influenced by something on the catwalks or developed by some savvy buyer at Topshop but they encapsulated every thing that is edgy and cool about London. The studded toe and buckle are resplendent next to the black grain leather upper.

I've donned these shoes with pretty summer dresses and lycra leggings - it all works. The best this about this footwear is that I got them in the sale for the bargainous price of £20. A-Maz-Ing!!!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Imma be creeping in my flatforms

I got these creepers from the Underground sample sale, a few months ago. What I love about these shoes is that they are a statement piece. When I wear these creepers people tend to do a double take or stare! The rose gold metallic leather is stunning and wears into a beautiful distressed colour, it also adds a subversive twist to any outfit I wear!

Not for the faint hearted, I know...but with Punk being a massive trend for AW13/14, throw caution to the wind and try your very own pair of these! Just make sure they are Underground as they are the original Creeper brand.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Black and White Sandals

So for once we have had a little bit of summer, and I was lucky enough to get these sandals in the sale at Topshop. For £25 this footwear has not left my feet for the last 3 weeks; long live the summer and my perfectly aired tootsies.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

White Leather Sandals

I am getting a little bit more addicted to shoes than ever before and with the promise of sunshine on the way I brought these sandals. I love them because they are bang on trend; they are very sporty and will add a contemporary touch to any outfit. If we get any summer in London, I will be styling this footwear with cute dresses and baggy trousers. Perfecting the ultimate day to night look...oh yeah, and the shoes are from Topshop, for the bargain price of £35.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pink Suede Court Slingbacks

Miss Selfridge pink suede sling backs are one of a kinds in my mind. My candy stripe heels were another sale bargin, I think they were £17. A classic style with a contemporary twist. Whenever I look at these shoes I think of summer days and picnics, however the reality is they are quite difficult to walk in. I walked in them for about an hour, but my shallow ankles meant that my feet kept slipping out of them. Boo!!!
I have a summer wedding next year, so might attempt a second wear then.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Black Leather Sandals

So I am almost at the end of my shoe wardrobe and have really enjoyed cataloguing all of my shoes. Looking back I have had some very fun times in my fashion forward and sometimes unsuitable footwear. With these black sandals which I got from Office in the sale for around £30 I wanted shoes that had a small heel that I could wear to work.
I love the open toe and the laces down the front. I really want to change the laces and funk the sandals up, maybe i'll go the fuchsia way or white laces to add a sporty feel to proceedings. They are actually quite comfortable and have been my companions on many apres work cocktails. Bring on summer and alfresco drinking.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Black & White Grunge Boots

Everyone is totally hyping over the grunge era, whether its the recession or just the changing faces of fashion the look is everywhere. What I love about these shoes, is the white sole they add a sporty feel to the boots; tapping into yet another SS13 trend. I have been circling these shoes for months so I am glad to finally have them on my feet.

The shoes were from Topshop and cost £65. I can't wait to take them and about in town...

Monday, 25 March 2013

Tan Suede Mocassin Ankleboots

You know when you decide to reinvent your look, or their is a fashion trend that takes off around you. Well back in the mid 00s when Sienna Miller was a fashion icon the Praire look took over the UK and most of the world. Flowing long white skirts and suede fringing where rife. After seeing the trend so much I decided to make myself a long skirt and the shoes below.

Another sale bargin from Topshop, these mocassins have been worn once or twice only. They are a little uncomfortable which seems to be a must with my shoe choices, and it does not match anything else that I own. I think these are ones for ebay...

Monday, 11 March 2013

Blue Patent Pumps

I have been a bridesmaid three times, apparently it is bad luck to be a bridesmaid four times so I am hoping this is my lot. I brought these heels from Marks and Spencers to wear with my bridesmaid dress for wedding number two which took place in 2011.
The shoes were a little bit tight, but I like the fact that they only had a small kitten heel and the booble embellishments on the front were quite cute and worked because my dress was quite plain.
I have great memories of the wedding as it was one of my best mates who got married, and these shoes allowed me to dance right through to the early hours of the morning. Having said that because it was January and had recently snowed I did have to don my hunter wellies to go to the church.
Not sure when i'll wear my shoes again, but I wouldn't dare throw them away, much like my bridesmaid dresses which are still dutifully in my wardrobe.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

The brown lace up brogues

One of my few purchases from Primark, I brought these heels in 2006 ish when I was a poor student and could not afford to buy the Topshop version of these shoes. If I remember rightly they were a take on a pair of Vivienne Westwood or Alexander McQueen shoes back when no one else was doing the hidden platform look for shoes.

The shoes cost around £15, and even though they are not real leather the PU used looks pretty authentic. What I like about these brogues is the double tongue/laces, having said that I have never worn them and they continue to gather too much dust in my wardrobe. Too many shoes and not enough time.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Excuse my socks

It's all in the styling as far as I am concerned, and in this case I hold my hands up the umbrella socks with the sandals look is not great. Regardless, I love the idea of these sandals they are casually chic. I was drawn to them as a work shoe for the summer with there high but not ridiculously so heel.

Fast forward to me walking from the train to work in them and I realise I have been wrong. Not only do the sandals pinch the front of my wide feet, but the straps also dig into my ankles. Duh.

At least they weren't too expensive at around £50, from Topshop. I am sure I will grit my feet and wear them again, they will work for a couple of weddings that I will be going to in the next years.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Silver Plait Flip Flop

The sun has tentatively been peering out from behind the clothes this week, so I decided to write about some summer footwear. I have absolutely no luck with sandals, they never last more than a couple of months. It usually begins with a soaking in the rain and ens in scuffed toes and detached soles.

I have tried cheap sandals, and expensive ones but nothing seems to last very long. Perhaps I am a heavy stomper? I brought these flip flops from Primark for around £5 last summer (2012) and to be honest I am not sure I can dare wear these out.

I love summer, and can not wait for an opportunity to consider wearing these sandals or to go out and buy some new ones!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Dark Brown heels

Probably one of my fondest pair of heels, they are not very me but I brought these shoes for my first grown up job working in buying. The work code was business dress and was in 2007, I modelled my work wardrobe on Ugly Betty and these fit the mould perfectly. The heels have a small heels so I was able to wear them throughout the day. I hated being the trainers to work girl.

Luckily for me after less than a year the work code changed to smart-casual, so these heels were shelved. I am sure in twenty years time when I start wearing Hobbs and Jaeger. As you proably guessed these shoes are from Topshop as well!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Tan Weaved Brogues

My love of brown shoes continues with these summer brogues. I brought them a couple of years  ago from Topshop for around £35. I love weaved leather accessories so the shoes has a strong pull on me. I haven't worn them that many times as they are still a bit tight, I need to wear them in a bit longer. I can't wait for them to become beaten up and well worn. These will be great shoes some day soon!

The last time I wore these was with a bright yellow sun dress to work! Perfect outfit.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

White Tennis Sneakers

These white beauties, where a purchase of necessity. I was on my way to the gym one evening and realised that I had forgotten to bring my trainers. There weren't many shops, so I had to head to Marks and Spencers and raid the shoe department. Eventually I found these simple white tennis shoes for less than £20. I also loved the blue and white dot pattern inside.

I have only worn these once but I like the idea that they may come in handy again!!!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Pink Jellie Shoes

A blast from the past...jellie shoes, remember these? I used to wear them between the ages of five and seven (I imagine). I was out shopping last summer (2012) and I think either my shoes broke or it was too hot anyway I decided to purchase this pair of baby pink jelly shoes, partly because I thought they were cute and secondly because they were the cheapest thing in the shop!!!!

Purchased from Office for around £15 they were a great small investment although they do rub slightly. Although these are really only for summer I wore the sandals on Saturday night to and from my friends party. They make perfect travelling shoes when you want to wear a pair of ginormous heels.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sale Shopping

So one of my new favourite shopping places to frequent in London is 'Opening Ceremony', truly it is inspiring crammed full of beautiful fashion pieces (unfortunately the price tags are a little out of my range). Anyway I popped in quickly today before going to meet my friend for coffee and almost brought these amazing Kenzo SS12 sandals...

I was clearly having a Carrie Bradshaw moment, and they were reduced by 75%!!! I love them, but you know sometimes you have to be practical.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Pink/Pewter Mules

My heels are definitely of their time, can you remember the last time you saw an open toe mule? These were brought around 2005, when the whole vintage/1920s look was really kicking off. I loved the leather and suede details. I think mules are coming back though, I have seen alot in Kurt geiger and the like.

As its getting closer to spring I may give these shoes another wirl, they may be a bit tattered and dirty but that just adds to the vintage appeal!!!

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Irridescent Brogues

The sun has finally got his hat and has come out to play...this has put me in a very summery mood and looking forward to the next season! Again these are aspirational footwear, I don't own these... yet!!! What is great about the brogues from Miista is the unusual mirror leather material and the white outer sole. They are a bit reminiscent of the Simone Rocha collection just without large price tags; well they are still £140 but worth every penny!
I would wear these with some white socks and a midi skirt, or a beautiful tea dress!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Wishful Thinking

I don't currently have access to my vast shoe collection so I am going to tell you about a pair of shoes that I have been dreaming about! I'm totes in love with these shoe-boots from the Acne AW12 collection. They are currently in the sale for two hundred and something pounds but this is still out of my price range!!!

These black suede and shearling shboots are contemporary and a little bit edge, if I were to be so lucky and actually afford to buy these I would don them with a plain dress and let the shoes do the talking!!!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Grey Wedge Sandal Shoes

Sale buy alert! I wanted the flat versions of these shoes but when I saw these ones in the sale at Topshop for around £30; I brought them instead in one size too big. So really this is a classic story of buying something because it is cheap and never wearing it more than twice.

I managed to get over the size issue, because of the buckle but these shoes can not be categorised. they are never very smart, or casual or smart casual so there has never really been an opportunity to wear them...

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Black Glittery Mary Janes

These were a bargain buy from Office in 2008ish, I was going out for New year's eve and desperately needed a pair of heels to wear with my dress! I don't often rock a glittery shoe, but if there is an opportunity to wear glittery footwear New Years is the time. The shoes were £20 in the sale, not bad!

I really can't remember how the night went, but the shoes were quite difficult to walk in and were bouncy. I am sure I ended the night bare foot. I have only worn them once, but will save them for another New Year's eve in the future i'm sure.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Patent Turquoise Pumps

The first week back of the year was quite painful, too many things to do and not enough brain power. Getting up at the regular time again really sucked the big one. It also messed with my daily shoe posts but I am back on track.

These patent beauties were not actually brought for me to wear, I brought them for a photoshoot that I was doing at Uni in my final year (2007). It was candy/ sweet inspired and these shoes were bang on trend. They cost about £6.00 and I brought them from my local Primark...I am not sure why I still hang on to them, I don't think I'll ever wear them but there are fond memories of my shoot although I didn't end up using the shoes in any of the photos.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Black Pointed Shoes

Shoes out of necessity; I brought them when I started working at Marks and Spencers just before I went to university in 2004. Purchased from the Shoe Zone in Guildford the black pointed Mary Janes where supposed to be a comfortable part of my uniform. Unfortunately after 4 hours on the shopfloor  I wanted to throw them away and walk barefoot.

The shoes were £20 and like some of my other bad choices have only been worn once. I think that the shoes are in fashion now, very Marc Jacobs-esque.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Rainbow Wedge Sandals

I started writing this post yesterday but I got distracted, and now its another year! Post celebration and hang over at a minimum I am unhappy to report that I left a pair of shoes on the train home, D'oh!!! We had some good times me and my teal ankle boots, RIP! Or I hope some funky hipster took them home! Check out my old post on the boots.

Anyway back to today's footwear. I love these sandals, but I have only worn them once;  my feet were in agony the whole time. The wedge was also very hard making them difficult to walk in. The sandals are slightly different colours because one of them was in the window and caught the sun in the shop which meant I got a further reduction. I coloured in the rainbow colours with felt tip to try and make them look the same.

These are soo cute and I always think they would be great to wear on a sunny day with a pretty dress. They may actually make me look elegant for once, rather than the jumble sale chic that I normally achieve. They were brought from Jones the Bootmaker for around £39.99.