Sunday, 3 March 2013

Excuse my socks

It's all in the styling as far as I am concerned, and in this case I hold my hands up the umbrella socks with the sandals look is not great. Regardless, I love the idea of these sandals they are casually chic. I was drawn to them as a work shoe for the summer with there high but not ridiculously so heel.

Fast forward to me walking from the train to work in them and I realise I have been wrong. Not only do the sandals pinch the front of my wide feet, but the straps also dig into my ankles. Duh.

At least they weren't too expensive at around £50, from Topshop. I am sure I will grit my feet and wear them again, they will work for a couple of weddings that I will be going to in the next years.

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