Sunday, 30 December 2012

Turquoise Court Shoes

During the festive period I was at home where I was able to rediscover some more shoes, yes more! I am a bit abashed about the amount of pairs that I own but I guess without them I wouldn't have anything to write about.

I was drawn to these shoes because of the colour, I liked that they were quite bright, but I remember I had also seen Kirsten Dunst wear something very similar. She was a major style icon...

The shoes were purchased from Faith in 2004/5/6 in Portsmouth (a lovely town). I have worn them on many nights out. As you can see the fronts of the shoes are really scuffed. I had to get them re-heeled as well with metal studs. I would recommend doing this to all stiletto heels as they wear down really quickly however the only place I know that does the metal heels is in Northampton...The heels on these are quite small so perfect for dancing the night away.

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