Thursday, 27 December 2012

Red Snakeskin Shoes

This style of shoe used to be an Office classic, every season without fail the retailer brought forth these heels in every colour and finish imaginable. The bottom line was probably getting smaller which is why they stopped doing them.

What I love about these shoes are the short heels, the t-bar and the pointed toe combined. The style is perfect for nights out or job interviews and make all outfits look professional. These shoes are very well worn and it is only their unusual nature/silhouette that has kept them in my wardrobe for the last six years; but they do need some serious love and care.

Although very treasured, I remember wearing the heels on one occasion on a night out with my old housemates. While waiting at the bus stop a random guy declared 'You know they say about women who wear red shoes...Red shoes, no knickers'. I was of course wearing knickers, but it is unfortunate that donning red shoes leads to such a bad reputation!!! Wear them with care...

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