Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Brown Tasselled Loafers

I have spoken before about my love of brown shoes, so that box was ticked with these loafers. Adding to that I love everything with tassels, more tassels the better in my opinion (tick two). The third tick that made these shoes a must buy was the old man vibe. I live in East London so I guess that makes me covet everything old man-ish, seriously if you where to get off at Old Street station there is a faint odour of second hand/vintage clothing and Grandad jumpers, trousers and shoes a plenty.

Anyway having ticked all of these boxes I brought these shoes in september 2011 from Topshop with some vouchers that I got for my birthday, I can't remember the cost; it was around the £50 mark but they were worth it as I wore them to death for the first 3 months until the heels were worn down. they have sat gathering dust on my shoe shelf for months until I recently got them re-heeled at good old Timpsons. Now I am out and about in them once more when the weather is not disgusting...I don't have any specific memories that stand out while wearing these shoes, but I know I have been caught in the rain alot wearing them.

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