Sunday, 23 December 2012

Red Tasselled Loafer

I love everything with a tassel, be it stationary, clothing or in this case shoes. I brought these red heeled loafers from New Look in 2004; they are one of the few New Look shoes that I still own. mainly because they normally fall to pieces or because as a rule I don't wear imitation leather shoes. I haven't worn these shoes too many times as they are are quite smart and I was young when I got them with no smart places to go.
They have never been re-heeled but I have had to repaint the heels with nail varnish. Classy, right! The reason I decided to buy these was because they were a very good copy of the Louis Vuitton shoes from their A/W 2004/5 collection. I brought mine for a 20th of the price, bargain!!!

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