Friday, 30 November 2012

Red Suede Pirate Boots

The boots that almost didn't happen...I originally brought these majestic pirate boots in powder blue suede because I loved the unusual colour. They were purchased at Topshop in Northampton or London (I can't quite remember) in 2005/6, I was really happy with the boots until I saw them in red.

I have always had a love of red boots since I brought a pair of super pointy shoe boot pair when I was 17; I referred to them as my witchin' boots. After seeing the boots in red, I knew they were the better pair and they were the perfect replacement for the boots in my youth. Luckily had not worn the original boots so I was able to exchange them!

These shoes are great and although I don't wear them all the time, I relish uncovering them for winter each year. They are now five or six years old but they still look almost brand new and I am yet to re-heel them. A classic boot which I hope to still own in another 5-6 years!!!

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